Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Making an Early Spring Dessert – Peach Resin

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Ten miles of peach blossoms, as if sprinkled tears of peach trees…
Winter’s left and spring’s just arrived.
At this time of the year, you’re probably feeling dull and tired, and appalled by greasy foods.
Soak peach resin in water overnight. Add in tremella fuciformis the next day along with Watkins jujubes. Make a stew with these ingredients, and let it simmer until it becomes thick and porridge-y.
Also, don’t forget to put in some crystal sugar, wolfberries, and dried fruits!

桃胶泡一夜,第二天加银耳 金丝小枣炖粘稠,

십리도화, 복숭아진액.
겨울이 지나서 봄이 왔습니다.
아마 피곤해서 요즘에 느끼하지 않게 먹었습니가.
복숭아진액이 하룻밤을 담그고
다음날 흰목과 대추를 추가하고 진득진득한 모양으로 끓입니다.
다음에는 빙탕,구기자,건과일을 좀 넣으면 됩니다.
호박의 색과 같고 모양이 아름답습니다.

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