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Parineeta 2019 Full Movie

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Parineeta (Bengali: পরিণীতা; is a 2019 Indian Bengali romantic drama film directed and produced by Raj Chakraborty under the banner Raj Chakraborty Productions. The film illustrates love break up and revenge urban love story – with Subhashree Ganguly, Ritwick Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakrabarty and Falaque Rashid Roy. Adrit Roy plays a pivotal role in the film. The music of the film is composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee.[1] The film was theatrically released on 6 September 2019.[2] And it was launched on ZEE5 for online streaming.[3]

Mehul (Subhashree Ganguly) due to appear in her board exams, is infatuated with her tution teacher, Babaida (Ritwick Chakraborty), who is a brilliant student himself, and his marks in the boards remain unbeaten in the entire neighbourhood. Mehul believes Babaida too reciprocates her feelings, as the otherwise calm and composed boy retaliates when somebody misbehaves with Mehul. A day, before holi, Babaida tells her that on holi he has something to convey her. She assumes that he is going to propose to her. On the day of holi, while she is waiting on the terrace (with abeer mixed with vermillion), Babaida turns up with a beautiful girl and introduces Sayantika (Falaque Rashid Roy), his new girlfriend to whom he has recently proposed and the girl reciprocated. Babaida puts the abeer on mehul and tells her, now she has to shoulder the responsibility of not just Babaida, but his better half too. Heartbroken Mehul puts the abeer on Sayantika and tells her from now onwards, she hands over Babaida's responsibility to her, and leaves. Now on, she starts avoiding Babaida, focusses on her studies. One day while returning home from school, a distressed Babaida meets her while she rudely answers to him, Babaida hands her a letter which Mehul takes quite reluctantly and goes home. Three months pass by. She eventually breaks Babaida's record in the boards. On the day of her result she gets the news of Babaida's suicide, rushes to his house and after watching Babaida's dead body, which is unbearable to her sight, she runs back home and breaks in tears. 4 years later, Mehul is seen working in a government company with low-paid salary with which she now has to sustain two households - one is her own and the other is Babaida's, where only Babaida's bedridden mother lives now. One day a coleague of Mehul, named Ananda encourages her to go to an ongoing interview in a big corporate company called Unicorn just opposite to their current office. Mehul goes there and after giving the interview she gets selected. On the first day of her new job she meets the boss, Ranadeb (Gaurav Chakrabarty) , who tells her to enjoy life and be happy. The next day Mehul completely changes her attire to bold and vougish, by which her handsome boss Ranadeb seems to be swept off his feet. He tries different ways to get close to Mehul. Mehul also seems to reciprocate to his interest. Babaida's mother also dies in the meantime. One day Ranadeb invites her for dinner and in the process tries to sleep with her. Suddenly his phone rings and Mehul sees the one calling him is his wife, Sayantika, whom Babaida introduced as his ladylove. Ranadeb forces Mehul on bed and Mehul injures his head, suddenly the scene changes to Mehul running to a police station in her bare feet, with her clothes torn. She enters the police station, indicating that she has been raped and faints. It is only then, when the mystery behind Babaida's suicide starts unfolding. From the letter that he gave her, Mehul got to know that Babaida and Sayantika were friends since college. After passing engineering they both entered Unicorn as interns, along with few other friends. But Sayantika started to change after their boss Ranadeb began showing interest in her. Babaida would often find Sayantika and Ranadeb in a very close proximity in Ranadeb's cabin. One day after Babaida enters Ranadeb's cabin to confront him of an injustice done to one of his friends, only to find Sayantika and Ranadeb making out. Enraged, Babaida and Ranadeb have a little fight. Later on, Sayantika and Ranadeb conspires against Babaida, Sayantika runs to the police station in the same condition as Mehul is seen doing in the present situation. Sayantika falsely accused Babaida of raping her, for which Babaida had to face some legal charges. For a guy who had always been very studious and respectful towards women, that rape charge was too much to take, on the other hand his career was on the verge of ending. He couldn't take it and thus committed suicide. But before dying, he thought of Mehul and expected that only she would believe him as she loves him. Sayantika and Ranadeb married each other after Babaida's death. However, after the reason behind Babaida's suicide is revealed, Ranadeb is seen being arrested and, he and his wife Sayantika are charged with fraudulence. So by the end it was clear that Mehul entered the company with a motive to avenge Babaida's death. At the end Mehul speaks to Babaida's portrait and tells him that she is his wife as he colored her head with vermillion mixed gulal on the day of holi, four years ago. And being his wife, it was her duty to give him justice.

Subhashree Ganguly as Mehul[4]
Ritwick Chakraborty as Babai[5]
Gaurav Chakrabarty as Ranadeb[6]
Falaque Rashid Roy as Sayantika
Adrit Roy as Anando
Laboni Sarkar
Tulika Basu
Adrija Addy Roy

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